Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The InterHealth Canada Head Office is located in Toronto, Canada, with regional offices in Dubai, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

InterHealth Canada has a unique structure and its partners include major Canadian academic health centers, specialty hospitals and multi-hospital systems. This structure gives InterHealth Canada the advantage of being able to access leading healthcare expertise to support project-specific requirements.

InterHealth Canada brings organizational skill and ability to managing business affairs within the healthcare industry.

The company has proven experience in setting up and managing healthcare businesses within the scope of public systems and standards, and can work effectively within a system driven by Government requirements whilst operating with the understanding and efficiencies of the private sector.


Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait

The business of hospitals is the key competency of the organization, with a highly regarded presence around the world: Stamford Hospital in the UK; InterHealth in Canada; Shaikh Khalifa Medical Center in the UAE; Royale Hayat Hospital in Kuwait; Rashid Hospital Trauma Center, Dubai; and the Independent Sector Treatment Centre Programme, NHS, also in the UK. The group acquires, establishes and operates hospitals and similar facilities, and creates and nurtures a synergy-based alliance with its global medical affiliates.
InterHealth Canada's role in the project is comprehensive and includes: hospital planning, design and construction consultation; equipment planning and purchasing; commissioning; recruitment of all staff; and ongoing operation and management for a five-year period.

In addition to the site office, InterHealth Canada has opened a new regional office in Kuwait and a team is dedicated to this project.

Affiliated organizations that provide assistance and advice on this project include; The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, a major Canadian paediatric teaching hospital; and Credit Valley Hospital, a leading community hospital providing extensive maternity service in Toronto, Canada.

The hospital opened successfully in November 2006.


working overtime

they are being made to work overtime they started out with 44 hour a month contracts, it has now increased to 48,,, they are being forced to work overtime or be sacked,, and they seldom pay the overtime on time its months late

the understaffing means they can not practise safely,,, they are tired,, overworked and have no support,,,, they are forcing them to provide dangerous care,,,

the owners are an indian a very nasty short little stuttering man, and a kuwaiti man mr alghannam who is horrible he doesnt care about anyone he is driven by money, then there is a midget of a kuwaiti woman who thinks shes british, madam dana almulla , but will never be more than a little nasty woman who wants money also, she is the type who dresses like money but smells of dumbness

the one thing for certain is these people need to come to qatar to learn a lesson in good health care management,,,leave kuwait for your health care needs dont think money can buy everything, its bought rhh nothing but negligent healthcare

welcome to bad health care

this is the start of the outing of a horrible place which is faking being a hosptial, the tales will follow of the hospital from hell